Safeguards the efficacy
of your cancer treatment against
severe drug related skin toxicity.

Reconval in cancer therapy

Reconval K1 supports the administration of the optimally effective dose of your anti-EGFR cancer therapy

  • Supports physician and patient to achieve the best possible outcome of the innovative treatment with EGFR-medications
  • Avoidance of severe, dose-limiting and skin changes
  • Improvement of the quality of life during anti-EGFR therapies
  • anti-EGFR therapies are primarily used against the following cancers: colo-rectal, non-small lung cancer (NSCLC), breast cancer, head and neck cancer

Product information on Reconval

Reconval in anti-EGFR therapy

  • Protects against and relieves skin problems caused by anti-cancer therapies
  • Severe skin changes due to anti-EGFR-therapies can lead to treatment delays, reduced doses or even stopping anti-cancer treatment
  • The reduction of anti-EGFR overall dosage possibly compromises the effectiveness of your treatment

General advice on applying Reconval K1 in cancer therapy

  • Have a shower with lukewarm water and use mild soap
  • Gently dry your skin using a soft towel
  • Apply the creams to your skin at least twice a day
  • Apply Reconval K1 to affected regions of the head, neck and body

Where can I purchase Reconval?