The Hand-Foot-Syndrome
may reduce your quality of life
and the efficacy of your
cancer treatment.

Reconval in cancer therapy

Preventative Reconval B6 may reduce any rash and reddening of the hands and feet caused by Chemo- and/or Radiotherapy.

  • Supports you and your doctor in achieving the best possible outcome of the anti-cancer therapy
  • Avoids severe and often dose-limiting skin changes of your cancer therapy
  • Improves quality of life during chemo- and radiotherapy

Product information on Reconval

Reconval B6 for Hand-Foot Syndrome

  • Some anti-cancer drugs can cause the Hand–Foot Syndrome (palmar–plantarerythrodysesthesia) occurring on the palms and soles
  • Hand–Foot Syndrome consists of reddening, swelling, pain and peeling of the skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, which can sometimes turn into blisters and cracks
  • Hand–Foot Syndrome can cause difficulties in walking and holding objects, and have a negative effect on how you feel
  • Thorough and regular prophylactic daily skin care is very important. Rather than wait for a skin reaction to occur, it is important to start preventative treatment at the same time as anti-cancer therapy. This way, any skin reactions may be less obvious and less severe
  • Reconval B6 contains vitamin B6 together with other hydrating
  • Prophylactic use of Reconval B6 reduces the appearance of the Hand-Foot Syndrome and skin rashes. Existing disease will be ameliorated

General advice on applying Reconval B6:

  • Have a shower with lukewarm water and use mild soap
  • Gently dry your skin using a soft towel
  • Apply the creams to your skin at least twice a day
  • Apply Reconval B6 to the hands and feet

Where can I purchase Reconval?