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Reconval for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Multiple Sclerosis therapy with injectable drugs such as beta-Interferon may be accompanied by frequent local side effects (injection site pain, burning, erythema and necrosis),
  • Often these skin changes very severe and may limit your dosing frequency and thus resulting in a reduced efficacy of your treatment
  • Sometimes your physician may need to stop therapy and change to an alternative less optimal treatment
  • Application of Reconval® K1 reduces local skin reactions and may therefore improve your quality of life, treatment tolerability and overall therapeutic outcome

Literature Reconval and beta-Interferon therapy

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Advice for the Reconval K1 application

  • Apply Reconval K1 Creme propyhlactically before the first injection of beta-Interferon on a skin area ca. 15x15cm around the planned injection site
  • Apply Reconval K1 creme twice daily, ideally shortly before the injection and ca. 6h afterwards
  • In case there is an existing skin rash and/or painful swellings around previous injection sites please apply Reconval K1 twice daily until symptoms have disappeared

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